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Granny Flats Sydney

5 Granny Flat Must-Haves

Whilst exciting, starting your granny flat project in Sydney can also be overwhelming. With a vast range of granny flats on offer from a variety of builders and with a variety of different options, it can be difficult to get it perfect. We’ve taken the question “What are the 5 most important elements of a granny flat” to a panel [...]

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Why build a Granny Flat in Sydney?

I think we can both agree with the following statement: Building a granny flat is a huge decision! Obviously the largest factor to consider is the grand investment you will be putting into a granny flat but the bottom line is: Is granny flat worth the investment? Nevertheless, there is a simple equation to this common dilemma. I will get there in a moment [...]

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Granny flat builders Sydney – Choosing the right granny flat contractor

Picking the right granny flat builder in Sydney can be hard right? Not to worry… Just follow these guidelines and you will make the right decision. So the question is, are you looking for just a builder or a company that can handle your granny flat design, granny flat approval and granny flat construction? Many people make the same mistake They engage an architect [...]