Granny flat builders Sydney – Choosing the right granny flat contractor

granny flat builders sydney

Granny flat builders Sydney – Choosing the right granny flat contractor

Picking the right granny flat builder in Sydney can be hard right?

Not to worry…

Just follow these guidelines and you will make the right decision.

So the question is, are you looking for just a builder or a company that can handle your granny flat design, granny flat approval and granny flat construction?

Many people make the same mistake

They engage an architect or a draftsperson to come up with a completely custom design and then go through the hurdles of trying to get an approval from council or a private certifier.

Biggest Mistakes when building Granny Flats

“Why?” you may ask. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Designing a custom granny flat that you have no idea what will cost to build
  • A draftsman is only supplying you plans and not an approval
  • Getting approval can be a painful task if you haven’t done it before and can drag out longer than it should, leaving you in a weekly loss of granny flat rental
  • You have not seen the final design built until you build it
  • You will have to engage consultants that you don’t know and may be paying way too much for
  • You will be the one to coordinate the whole thing, every little detail

Sorry for being pessimistic but there is more…

Let’s say you finally get through the hurdles of design and approval for your granny flat.

Then it is time to….

Get Granny Flats building quotes!

Now if you live in Sydney, engaging a builder can be a difficult task. Construction is booming and there is a shortage of builders and tradesman. A lot of demand but hardly any supply.

So what does this mean for you? simple, you just have to pay more.

So you ask around for a good builder and he slugs you on price. Plan B, you call someone in the paper and he rocks up to your house in his thongs, his ute and his pit bull.

hmmm….. Not looking too good.

So you go and visit a specialised granny flat builder. They are professional and have a full size granny flat on display for you to see. They have brochures, various designs and know their stuff.

You sit with one of their professional consultants and show them your granny flat plans, they pick up about 50 mistakes on your granny flat plan within 5 minutes and you sit there scratching your head.

You just spent $15,000 on architects, consultants, Sydney water approval, engineers and council fees and you are left with a dud design on an A3 paper worth about 10 cents.

What does the consultant say?

The consultant states the obvious, “If you choose one of our designs we can build them cheaper as we have set pricing with our suppliers and contractors. Building a custom granny flat plan is going to cost you more.”

You look at their designs and you start regretting what you have done. All that hard work and you like the other designs more. All that hard work and money spent and you are now going to throw your design in the bin.

Ugly situation right?

So what do we recommend?

Before you find yourself in a granny flat dilemma, maybe you should consider using a specialist granny flat builder, a granny flat company that can design, seek approvals, engage consultants and build your granny flat. A one stop shop.

Save yourself the hassle…

A granny flat building company will:

  • Inspect your site and give you upfront costing
  • Analyse your site suitability
  • Consider all restrictions on your land during design
  • Design your granny flat
  • Seek granny flat approvals
  • Recommend consultants and deal with them for you
  • Worry about all the things you shouldn’t be worrying about

So where do you start?

The first step would be to contact granny flat builders to book a free 15-minute consultation at our granny flat display studio. A specialised granny flat consultant will assess your land for initial suitability of a granny flat.

Take the first step and we will take the second one with you.

Good luck…