How to live off your pension

granny flats live off pension

How to live off your pension

You have done your many years of hard work, and it’s now time to enjoy it with the people you love. Unfortunately, many of our golden agers don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The good news is that if you own a property in New South Wales, we can help you in obtaining extra income (in most cases larger than pension payments) without having to take any risks.

Owning a Granny Flat

Half Priced Granny flats have designed & built over 500 projects across NSW in the last few years, with an estimate of approximately 50% for retired Australians. Granny Flats have gained popularity due to the high returns on investment, improved lifestyle and secure no-risk investment.

Retirees Living the Golden Dream

granny flats live off pension
Below are some examples of Half Priced Granny Flats customers that have reached their goals by taking advantage of their property’s potential and are now busy living retirement.

Maria & Stefano

Enjoy international cruises and taking their granddaughter Elizabeth horseback riding when they’re on dry land.

  • 2 Bedroom Granny Flat in Wetherill Park
  • Investment $87,400
  • Weekly earnings $390/week
  • 20 year return on investment of $405,600
  • Property value increase $108,000

Greg & Linda

Currently touring Australia in their new Sunliner RV. Enjoying the Western Australia sunset, meeting the world’s oldest culture known to man – the Anangu people, and of course camping by the Kimberley.

  • 1 Bedroom Granny Flat in Seven Hills
  • Investment $78,550
  • Weekly earnings $320/week
  • 20 year return on investment $332,800
  • Property value increase $96,000

Live the Dream

Half Priced Granny Flats is here to bring the dream to life, so that you can live the retirement you have always dreamed of.

We will see you through the process, here’s how:

  • Complete design and construction by our expert team
  • Finance solutions with no income needed, no interest payable, you only need to own a property
  • Tenant &property management service from our helpful team
  • Step by step guidance from start to finish from our friendly staff that are always ready to assist

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