Granny flat construction tips #001 Timber framing

Granny flat construction tips #001 Timber framing

Half Priced Granny Flats senior builder goes through some timber framing pointers to help you with your granny flat build.

Simon goes through some critical aspects of timber framing including:
– Stud sizing
– Nogging sizing
– Treated pine vs untreated timber frames
– Bracing methods
– Tie down methods for wind bracing

Half Priced Granny Flats is a granny flat company that specialises in an A-Z granny flat service. We take our customers through each critical phase of getting your granny flat designed, approved and built. Granny flat steps include:

– Consultation (knowing the purpose of the proposed granny flat and assessing reasonable suitability)
– Architectural design
– Council approval (DA) or Complying development approval (CDC)
– Granny flat construction

This particular granny flat is in Bossley Park NSW and is a 2 bedroom design. Bossley park is another granny flat hotspot at the moment as is granny flats in Blacktown and many more Sydney suburbs.

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